Getting Around

Although a lot of visitors are amazed by the amount of parking space available in Berlin, you won’t even need a car here. Plus, who wants to use their valueable time to navigate through the famous „Schilderwald“ (forest of signs)?!

Whether you walk, use the public transport or ride a bike – there are many green and fun alternatives to driving in Berlin.


Berlin by Bike

Berlin is pretty bike friendly – there are many bike paths and where there is none, you can use the right side of the street. The paths are mainly flat and you can include many great spots in a bike tour. There are plenty of spots where you can rent bikes for a few hours up to a week, although […]

Public Transport

Despite all the pain the S-Bahn causes from time to time, Berlin has one of the best public transportations our unbiased authors know of. And they have travelled far ! You can virtually reach every corner of the city by using the S-Bahn, Tram, bus or U-Bahn (underground, mostly) without the hassle of reading the street map. After partying, night buses bring you […]

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