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Ruby Cup
Does it excite you to actually be part of changing the world and help girls and women in Africa? We are always on the look for fantastic people. You are the right person, if you want to work with a social business towards eliminating the taboo to menstruation, empower women and girls worldwide and introduce a sustainable and healthy alternative to tampons and pads.

We are a start-up, so you will get a lot of freedom and use all your creativity, ideas and skills!  Ruby Cup by Makit Ltd. is a healthy, high quality and long-lasting menstrual hygiene product made of 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone that can be re-used for up to 10 years.

In poor regions around the world, menstruation is an overlooked problem. Women and girls cannot afford sanitary products every month, they are afraid of leaking and as a result stay home from school or work. The UNDP in 2008 has declared menstrual hygiene to be one of the main causes for girls to drop-out from school. It’s a barrier to their life opportunities.

Buy One, Give One
Ruby Cup is a solution to this problem. We are based in Berlin and Nairobi, Kenia. For every Ruby Cup that we sell in industrialized countries, we give one to a girl in need and educate girls in East Africa about menstrual hygiene and basic reproductive health.

We are looking for bright people, who want to support us in different fields. We are looking for someone in the area of Sales & Fundraising, Website-Optimization, Communications.

Sales & Fundraising
The task involves pitching Ruby Cup to retailers, e-tailers, NGOs, foundations and to organize and manage fundraising campaigns. Ruby Cup is already sold in some retail outlets, in Germany for example BIO COMPANY. Working with the retailers, fundraising or campaign platforms would be a big part of your work. You should have experiences in sales and/or fundraising.

The task involves the analyzing and optimizing of our website and on- and off-page Search Engine Optimization. One of our new projects will be to improve our Landing Page, this could be your challenge. Programming skills are an additional add-on.

The task involves informing about Ruby Cup, contacting bloggers, administering our Social Media channels and helping with new online marketing strategies. Ideally you are a native speaker in English.

You are a driven, independent and motivated woman. You should be fluent in English.  Fluency in German is appreciated but not required. You are open to new ideas and to talking about menstruation. You have experience in any of the described fields above.

Ruby Cup is founded by three female entrepreneurs, Maxie, Julie and Veronica, from Denmark and Germany. Our office in Berlin consist of three people and our team in Kenya consists of 2 employees and Ruby Cup field staff. We care for a good working environment and love working as a team.

2 months to one year (full or part time) working with our team and first hand experience with developing a social business. A meaningful time where every time we sell a product, we are changing the life of a girl in Kenya.


We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis. Choose the field you primarily want to work in and send your application to:

Maxie Matthiessen
Co-Founder & Partner

1) A description of your motivation and personal objectives for working with Ruby Cup
2) Your CV
3) A short assessment of your communications/website/sales or fundraising skills

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