Green Places – Must Visit!

Tourists on the bridge, by Catrin Resch

Museums, Theaters, Opera Houses, Galleries, Churches, Parks and the Zoo. Yes, we have them usual sights – all of them – but so does every other major city, right?

If you come to Berlin to discover places, that are unique AND green – check out what else the city has to offer. Get behind the scenes and see sustainable spots that are progressive, funny, romantic challenging, relaxing, fascinating.

And if you like what you see – take the ideas back home!

Be inspired!



Subway to Nature – Domäne Dahlem: an open-to-the-public organic farm in the capital

City slickers rarely get in touch with real life agriculture – how many of us know an actual farmer? Sure, lettuce does not grow in supermarkets and sausage is not exactly a pig’s body part. But what exactly does organic farming mean? What is the advantage of mixed crops? How do you get those lovely bees into your garden? At […]

Tempelhof – A recycled airport in the heart of the city

What do you do with an airport in the heart of the city when it becomes old and obsolete? Make it a green mega playground for city siders! Built from 1936 – 1942 (with a break during WWII) and once amongst the top 20 largest buildings in the world, Tempelhof faced closure when plans were made for the BBI – […]