Business Expert, elena international

Who do we look for?
– person, preferably with background in business administration, industrial engineer (Wirtschaftsingenieur) or business experience with project management skills
– interest or drive to support sustainable energy transition
support in business model development for proposal writing

What do we offer?
– 12 months payment from Exist startup grant followed by being a partner in our StartUp
– unique insights and experience from our entrepreneurial journey
– influence where the journey goes
– participate in the energy transition
– flexible working times & fun working environment & great team spirit
– bring in your own ideas, we implement them together

What is elena?
elena is a software-based consulting company to be and we want to support our future clients in a grid-feasible power system transition towards 100% Renewables Energy Source (RES). So far, island grids limit their RES penetration fearing grid stability issues: the smaller the power system, the smaller the allowed share.
We are Sabine Auer and Tim Kittel, two PhD students from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany and over the recent years we have been working on a holistic power system analysis and grid stability assessment for Europe. We are determined to carry our knowledge and our expertise from three years of research into praxis for a good purpose and foster a sustainable work environment.

We are currently in an advanced stage for German environmental entrepreneurial funding for our start-up and we seek for a motivated third person to complement our team.

If you are interested, please send your CV and some words of motivation to

Sabine Auer                        Tim Kittel      

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