Sustainability Drinks #15

Visit one of our great networking events in Berlin:

Sustainability Drinks #15 – CSR – Next Generation Business. From Shareholder to Stakeholder.

At this event of our CSR track, we would like to share insights on how the next generation business can make their operation more sustainable – ecologically, socially and economically – and why corporation a stakeholder approach rather than a shareholder approach is key.

With presentation from
*Dr. Simon Berkler & Andreas Renner, B Corp on „Using the power of business as a force for good“.
*Jacey Bingler & Fátima Gonzáles-Torres, Ecosia on „The green search engine, that plants trees“.
We will also have 1-minute quickpitches again, so be ready if you got something to say and sign up here:!
*Doors open at 19:00
*Speakers start at 20:00
*Quickpitches at 21:10

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