8th session of WINS Seminar

3. Juli 2014 um 15:00
Quartier Stadtmitte 4th floor, room 4088
Friedrichstraße 191
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 10117 Berlin

We welcome you to the 8th session of the WINS Seminar series (Seminar of the
Berlin Workshop in Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems).

Prof. Cole: Towards a new institutional analysis or Socio-Ecological Systems

This paper (co-authored with Mike McGinnis and Graham Epstein) combines Lin Ostrom’s IAD and SES frameworks, as part of an effort to establish a “New Institutional Analysis of Social Ecological Systems” (NIASES). Combining Lin’s two analytical frameworks is simple and intuitive. We just replace the “Biophysical Conditions,” “Community Attributes,” and “Rules-in-Use” boxes of the IAD framework with relevant SES variables.
This simple move (1) improves and enhances the IAD framework’s treatment of both social and
ecological conditions, while (2) bringing the IAD framework’s dynamism to bear on SES variables. The utility of the combined frameworks is exemplified by a sample treatment of Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons,” building on a previous paper correcting Lin’s (2007) application of the SES framework to Hardin’s pasture. A subsequent paper will complete the move to NIASES by further rationalizing SES variables (with explanations of how to select variables in specific cases) and elaborating on elements of the IAD framework (such as “Evaluative Criteria”) that have been underdeveloped.

It will take place at:

Quartier Stadtmitte
Friedrichstr. 191
10117 Berlin
4th floor, room 4088
Map and room location

WINS is presently in a stage of formation. Within the interdisciplinary context of the Integrative Research Institute on Human Environment systems (IRI-THESyS), it shall serve as a platform for intense exchange of knowledge and mutual learning between scholars interested in the role of institutions in Social-Ecological Systems (SES).

Berlin’s environmental research community is among the most prolific in Europe and the world and we want to take advantage of that. Thus, throughout the 10 sessions of the series we will introduce the work of prominent
scholars from Research Institutes that center around Berlin, including IRI-THESys, Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning (IRS), Potsdam Institute for Climate Change, Global Climate Forum, to mention a few. Additionally, we have visits by scholars from other European and US Universities.

“WINS Seminar” sessions will take place every Thursday, 3pm, during the summer semester (except for the public holidays).
On May 15, June 19, and July 10, the WINS Seminar (3pm) will precede the THESys Lecture series (starting at 5pm).

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